Thank You, AG

I have not had the opportunity to write for many weeks. The last few months have been a whirlwind of travel and holidays. I’m also working on a Ph.D. which significantly limits my writing time outside of assignments and dissertation preparation. Today I want to write about my love for our fellowship. Fellowship is aContinue reading “Thank You, AG”

The Star

What a joy it is to celebrate the birth of our Savior. His birth was like none other in history. This divine birth was marked by many miracles prophesied of old. One of the most intriguing and questioned miracles is the Star of Bethlehem. It is one of my favorite things to study, and IContinue reading “The Star”

The Weird and Spooky

Because of the season of life I currently find myself in, I have not blogged as often as I would like. It has given me time to think and process these very detailed thoughts. Indeed, in the length of this blog, I will only be able to scratch the surface on this topic. As weContinue reading “The Weird and Spooky”

The Land of Could Have Been

“It could have been” are perhaps the four saddest words in the English lexicon. The older I get, the more I see potential wasted and moments not seized. Speaking directly to my fellow Pastors, we live at the crossroads of “may be” and “could have been.” It is a life a death struggle that weContinue reading “The Land of Could Have Been”

A Little Town and A Little Lady

When I was ten years old, my family moved from central Missouri to Louisville, Kentucky. It was a big move for many reasons. We moved from a small town of 1,500 people to a metro area of nearly 1 million. The farm community where we lived was not very diverse; Louisville certainly is. Our homeContinue reading “A Little Town and A Little Lady”

The Power of “But”!

If your momma was anything like mine, when she gave a directive it was to be followed quickly and without argument.  My mom was a strict, but loving disciplinarian…we could use more of that in our society, but I digress. I remember when I was little telling mom, “but” anytime she gave me direction. SheContinue reading “The Power of “But”!”

Nothing to See Here

I walked onto the campus of Central Bible College in the fall of 1996. Contrary to what my daughter says, I am not old. I visited a year before and felt confirmation after confirmation this was the route God wanted me to take. Little did I realize on that first move-in day my life wouldContinue reading “Nothing to See Here”

A Charcuterie Christmas and Other Things My Mom Taught Me

Those who know me well, know how much I love Christmas. I have since I was as small child. My mom made Christmas special, though we did not have a lot in my early years. She created wonderful traditions for my brother and I. Dad decorated the tree and strung the lights. Mom would alwaysContinue reading “A Charcuterie Christmas and Other Things My Mom Taught Me”