The Weird and Spooky

Because of the season of life I currently find myself in, I have not blogged as often as I would like. It has given me time to think and process these very detailed thoughts. Indeed, in the length of this blog, I will only be able to scratch the surface on this topic. As weContinue reading “The Weird and Spooky”

The “Big Blah”

Have you ever been questioned because of a belief you hold? Of course, you have. All of us experience this on an ongoing basis.  We are questioned for our faith, politics, the color of the car we choose to buy, and pretty much every other decision in this life. For some, decisions are based onContinue reading “The “Big Blah””

The King James Controversy

Over the past few years, the controversy surrounding only using the KJV has grown into a full battle within the Church world. First, let me state, we have much more significant battles to fight…mainly the devil and not each other. Let me also state that I have no problem with those who choose to useContinue reading “The King James Controversy”

Both is the Right Answer

What is your Biblical hermeneutic? Some of you are scratching your head. Maybe you do not know what yours is or that you even have one. Everyone approaches Scripture from a specific point of view. This could be your culture, your theological upbringing, your race, your gender, or anything else that makes you, you. TheContinue reading “Both is the Right Answer”

First Things First

Normally I do not post two blogs in a week. Nor do I post a transcript of my message (sermon), but this week I feel compelled to do so. This was a “fire in my bones” message that I believe God is speaking to the Church. It is time to put first things first. Today’sContinue reading “First Things First”

In Defense of the One True God

I am increasingly concerned that pop culture is now determining the theology of the Church. Sex outside of marriage is not only accepted but expected. There is little difference between the follower of Christ and those who do not follow Him. Speech, dress, goals and so much more have meshed into a glob of unidentifiableContinue reading “In Defense of the One True God”