A Two-Sided Coin

2020…there, I have already said enough to make you groan and sigh—what a year of profound challenges and opportunities. Let me recap for you in case you have forgotten. We survived one of the most contentious political seasons in the US since Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. Many cities erupted in race riots followingContinue reading “A Two-Sided Coin”

Of Cod and Catfish

As the US expanded from East to West, many hurdles were faced. Not the least of which was the shipment of food from one cost to another while keeping it fresh and the price as low as possible. Many people have shared this account through the years. I am adding an abbreviated version to makeContinue reading “Of Cod and Catfish”

First Things First

Normally I do not post two blogs in a week. Nor do I post a transcript of my message (sermon), but this week I feel compelled to do so. This was a “fire in my bones” message that I believe God is speaking to the Church. It is time to put first things first. Today’sContinue reading “First Things First”

That’s Not Us

Dr. Nora appeared on the sitcom Frasier on April 29, 1999. Dr. Nora, played by Christine Baranski, was rude, vindictive, and judgmental. By the way, she was a Christian. In one scene she is giving on air advice to a caller on her radio show. A young lady was struggling with relationship issues. Dr. NoraContinue reading “That’s Not Us”

I Just Want to Be Like Jesus

The Conflict of Warfare and Peace My mom screamed, “stop…don’t hit him”, as I chased my older brother around the house with a board. No one could push my buttons quicker than my brother…come to think of it that is probably still true. I don’t remember the situation that led to my loss of temper,Continue reading “I Just Want to Be Like Jesus”

A New Age of Yellow Journalism

On February 15, 1898 the U.S.S. Maine sank in Havana Harbor, Havana, Cuba. At the time of its sinking, the US government was at odds with the nation of Spain. In order to increase sales of newspapers and to exploit the headlines of a war, William Randolph Hurst and Joseph Pulitzer coined what is nowContinue reading “A New Age of Yellow Journalism”

Pineapple Pizza and Other Controversies

I live a diverse life. I have a diverse family. We live life with a diverse group of people. We are diverse in race, culture, language, politics, and theology. I Pastor a church that is 49.5% nonnative born Anglo. In other words, we are 50.5% American Whites and 49.5% African American and nearing 30 otherContinue reading “Pineapple Pizza and Other Controversies”