A Little Town and A Little Lady

When I was ten years old, my family moved from central Missouri to Louisville, Kentucky. It was a big move for many reasons. We moved from a small town of 1,500 people to a metro area of nearly 1 million. The farm community where we lived was not very diverse; Louisville certainly is. Our homeContinue reading “A Little Town and A Little Lady”

On History and Influence

I am both a Pastor and a Historian. It all makes sense now I’m sure. My goal is to write about spirituality and history and I often use one to illustrate the other. Let’s face it, nothing illustrates life better than, well…life. It is often said “those who do not learn from history are destinedContinue reading “On History and Influence”

That’s Not Us

Dr. Nora appeared on the sitcom Frasier on April 29, 1999. Dr. Nora, played by Christine Baranski, was rude, vindictive, and judgmental. By the way, she was a Christian. In one scene she is giving on air advice to a caller on her radio show. A young lady was struggling with relationship issues. Dr. NoraContinue reading “That’s Not Us”

Hail Myself

When you think of Rome, most likely you see images of the Colosseum, busts of ancient rulers, the Roman Catholic Church or perhaps fountains. Whatever you think of, chances are you are surrounded by the effects of the Romans. Our governmental system can certainly be traced to that of the Romans. While their influence isContinue reading “Hail Myself”

The Power of “But”!

If your momma was anything like mine, when she gave a directive it was to be followed quickly and without argument.  My mom was a strict, but loving disciplinarian…we could use more of that in our society, but I digress. I remember when I was little telling mom, “but” anytime she gave me direction. SheContinue reading “The Power of “But”!”

Nothing to See Here

I walked onto the campus of Central Bible College in the fall of 1996. Contrary to what my daughter says, I am not old. I visited a year before and felt confirmation after confirmation this was the route God wanted me to take. Little did I realize on that first move-in day my life wouldContinue reading “Nothing to See Here”

I Just Want to Be Like Jesus

The Conflict of Warfare and Peace My mom screamed, “stop…don’t hit him”, as I chased my older brother around the house with a board. No one could push my buttons quicker than my brother…come to think of it that is probably still true. I don’t remember the situation that led to my loss of temper,Continue reading “I Just Want to Be Like Jesus”

A Charcuterie Christmas and Other Things My Mom Taught Me

Those who know me well, know how much I love Christmas. I have since I was as small child. My mom made Christmas special, though we did not have a lot in my early years. She created wonderful traditions for my brother and I. Dad decorated the tree and strung the lights. Mom would alwaysContinue reading “A Charcuterie Christmas and Other Things My Mom Taught Me”

In Defense of the One True God

I am increasingly concerned that pop culture is now determining the theology of the Church. Sex outside of marriage is not only accepted but expected. There is little difference between the follower of Christ and those who do not follow Him. Speech, dress, goals and so much more have meshed into a glob of unidentifiableContinue reading “In Defense of the One True God”