The “Big Blah”

Have you ever been questioned because of a belief you hold? Of course, you have. All of us experience this on an ongoing basis.  We are questioned for our faith, politics, the color of the car we choose to buy, and pretty much every other decision in this life. For some, decisions are based on feeling; for others, science, and still others, faith. Science and faith seemingly conflict a lot these days. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am accused of not following science in one area and by following it another I am denounced. Let me run down a few areas this has occurred.

Global Warming: where others see man’s effect, I see God’s design. I do not deny the earth is getting hotter, only the reason for it. Another area is gender. We are told to follow the science on every issue but gender. Now whether you agree with me or not, I believe you have a right to be whatever you choose to be, from a legal standpoint. However, that does not change your DNA…science, if you will. If you cut yourself at a crime scene, your DNA will show that you are male or female. Science cannot show transgender. So, I acknowledge you have a right to be non-binary if you choose to be, but science will always show the gender of your birth…this could be an extensive blog, maybe another day.

The Big Bang Theory has always perplexed me. I do understand the premise, but according to the laws of nature, it does not make sense. I call this “The Big Blah.” I do so after discovering that “follow the science” is only followed when it advances a person’s opinion. This, of course, is counterproductive to the nature of science which is to prove something factual within nature, in this case. I have often said it takes more faith to believe in evolution, the Big Bang, than it does to believe in God.

Let me explain what I mean by this. We know that scientifically everything has a beginning. By definition, the Big Bang theory seeks to explain that beginning for our world. The problem lies in the theory. Over millions of years, gasses in space mixed and formed what we know to be earth and the planetary system through a big bang reaction. That is the beginning of our universe and every other one, for that matter.  I will admit that though I disagree with this approach, this aspect of the theory theoretically makes sense. What does not is the origin of the gases.

Where did the gases come from that caused the big bang? Were they eternally there, leading to the belief that everything in this life does not have a beginning? Alternatively, perhaps something else in nature caused the gases, which caused the big bang. What caused the “something else” that caused the gases that caused the big bang. This is a merry-go-round that would never stop. Eventually, something or someone had to have created the first thing that sparked the chain reaction.

What if I choose to argue that the universe is eternal but ever-changing? Fundamentally, if it is ever-changing, there is an end. If there is an end, then there must be a beginning. Stars die and stars are born, etc. This still does not address the causation of material being in our universe. I am not trying to prove God created in this blog, though I believe He did. At the foundation of that question is the summation that led to the “bang.”

I will readily admit that an astrophysicist somewhere will denounce me as an uneducated Christian zealot that understands nothing of the real world. So, I ask of them, will you stop hiding behind your degree and your egotism and answer the simple question, “where did the original elements come from.” What I have found is that they cannot. Thus “The Big Blah.” When we follow science, we are led to a beginning of everything, which means there is also an end. That blog, my friends, is for another day. 


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