“Is Anyone Worthy?”

Last night, Sunday, February 12, my wife, oldest son, a group from our church, and I traveled to the campus of Asbury College. We drove 70 min from our home to participate in the amazing move of the Spirit that broke out there during a regular chapel service this past Wednesday. No one seemed to know what happened that morning as the students gathered. As they worshipped, something shifted, and now 100+ hours later, this move of God is still going and growing.

We arrived on campus around 4 in the afternoon. It was sunny but chilly as we walked across campus from a parking lot with few spots remaining. Entering the chapel, we realized that sitting was not an option. Our group moved down an aisle, standing out of the way as best we could, letting others in and out. There was an immediate awareness of the gravity of what was occurring. Hughes Chapel seats approximately 1,500, but there were easily 1,800-2,000 people in the sanctuary, foyer, halls, and basement.

I stood in the aisle, wondering what this moment would be like. I saw many familiar faces. People that did not come with us, but I have known throughout my life in Kentucky. As I looked around, I felt the Spirit nudge me with a question, “are you here to see them or Me.” Immediately I turned my attention to Him rather than those around me. At that moment, the worship team sang, “Is anyone worthy? Is anyone whole? Is anyone able to break the seal and open the scroll?” Suddenly, I could not see clearly as my eyes filled with tears, and the overwhelming presence of the living God consumed me. For the rest of the two hours we stood in the chapel, I began to weep every time I focused on Christ.

After thirty minutes, a group stood to leave, and we found seats. It was then I began to notice many things about this sovereign move of God. I had a notebook with me. I sat and wrote down these 11 thoughts:

  1. God’s presence is thick in the room. There is no place where God is not.
  2. College students are leading the way. Seamlessly, worship teams transitioned without missing a beat.
  3. There is no overt demonstration of the Spirit, but there is a divine hunger for Jesus in the room. (Matt 5:6)
  4. Order is evident through professors giving instruction, the students leading, and the participants following as the Spirit moves.
  5. The Spirit’s presence seemingly comes in waves of worship and spontaneous adoration. Unexpectedly, the room goes almost still except for the students singing on stage.
  6. There is no central person, evangelist, etc., only Jesus.
  7. Most people participate rather than observe.
  8. There are no stage lights, fog machines, dimmed sanctuary lights, audio-visual equipment, expert musicians, or singers. Yet, the Spirit of God moves. (Perhaps the seeker-sensitive church should take note. All we need is a hunger for Jesus.)
  9. There is no single denomination but the body of Christ.
  10. There is a sense that we are witness to a historical moment that could easily change the course of our nation, more importantly, will change the course of a generation.
  11. There is no sense that this will end anytime soon. It will be like the great Charismatic Renewal sweeping the globe. That move of the Spirit started on a February morning in a normal chapel service at Asbury College in 1970.

Driving the hour and 10 min home, I contemplated what I had just observed and what the Spirit is saying. Now, twenty-four hours later, I still ponder and pray. As I sit on my bed typing these words, my mind drifts, my eyes tear, and my heart hungers. “Is anyone worthy? Is anyone worthy? … He is!”


3 thoughts on ““Is Anyone Worthy?”

  1. “ Are you here to see them or me?” This struck me hard and I welled up with tears. Made me think about when I’m sitting behind the drums on Sunday morning ready for worship. Where is my heart this morning? Where is my hunger for Jesus today?
    Thank you for the awakening of my heart this morning. Miss you Pastor D.


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