Three Truths of the Kingdom

What has caught your attention most over the past year? We have lived through a tumultuous election cycle, a worldwide pandemic, earthquakes, a crisis in Afghanistan, wars, and rumors of wars. You see where I am going. Amid these crises, many believers have their focus in the wrong place. I understand the need to defend and uphold our liberty here in the US, but what if a restriction of our freedom brings about a mighty move of God. We would be fighting against the Kingdom if that were the case, though we think we are doing good.

In this blog, I want to cover three truths of the Kingdom. If you are a believer, none of these will surprise you. I think we have lost focus. So stay with me.

NUMBER ONE: Seek First the Kingdom

All too often, we get the cart before the horse. We seek everything but the Kingdom to bring the Kingdom. The Word tells us to seek the Kingdom first, then everything else will be added. I ask you, what are you seeking. Most of you have just answered, “the Kingdom, of course.” Ok, let me challenge that thought. Do you spend as much time in the Word and prayer as you troll the internet? No, Ok, what about your finances? Reaching those who have never heard of Jesus is a priority, even over things we enjoy doing. What about the last time you shared your faith…not wrapped in politics? Can I get a witness? I hear Madea in the back shouting, “Hallelujaher.” It’s really easy to think we have the Kingdom in our focus, but it has become an afterthought.

NUMBER TWO: God is Sovereign, I Am Not

What if all of the political angst and conspiracy theories are harming our witness? What if God wanted Trump and then Biden in the Whitehouse…see, now I’ve offended 100% of you. Well, at least the Americans. What if a tightening of our freedoms is God’s plan? What if God allowed the pandemic? What if all this is happening because the trumpet is rising to the angel’s mouth and Jesus is about to break through the clouds? What if the Church was fighting what God has already said would happen? Church, God is Sovereign! Yes, I believe in man’s free will. Man’s free will does not negate the sovereignty of my God. He is still in control.

NUMBER THREE: Faith in Christ MUST be Active

We live in a time where so many sit on their hands and wait for God to bring the fish. Peter, James, and John had to throw out the net so Jesus could fill them. Your faith and mine must be lived out through actions that will lead others to Jesus. We see our world spiraling out of control. Instead of being filled with fear, let us be filled with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Let us boldly push against the enemy and see the Kingdom of God increase. Be active in your faith.

Whether Jesus’ return is imminent or still hundreds of years in the future, we must remind ourselves, our God will never be defeated. His Church won’t either. I’m pretty sure He told us that in advance.


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