A Two-Sided Coin

2020…there, I have already said enough to make you groan and sigh—what a year of profound challenges and opportunities. Let me recap for you in case you have forgotten. We survived one of the most contentious political seasons in the US since Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. Many cities erupted in race riots following the deaths of Breonna Taylor, here in our city, George Floyd in Minneapolis, and a few others across the nation. I forget what the other issue was…oh wait; I think there may have been a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC.

Wow, we survived. Honestly, we not only survived, but God stayed faithful to His words, “I will build My Church.” Wherever there are great challenges, there are great opportunities. Are you getting this, or should I type that again? “Wherever there are great challenges, there are great opportunities.” Now say it in the back row. Anyone upfront not getting it yet.

Certainly, we have come a long way since a year ago. I have not had to wear a mask very much in the past two weeks. What a great feeling…makes you want to dance on the ceiling…I digress. While I wish I could say we have worked through all the challenges at hand. We have not. Instead, there is a new challenge. A challenge to the Church. Remember, yes, I am doing it again, “Wherever there are great challenges, there are great opportunities.” You may have guessed it. I am referring to the debate on vaccination.

And you thought Trump vs. Biden was heated. This topic is what I call “a two-sided faith.” One group believes that if you do not take the vaccine, you harm all those around you. That is not a very Christian thing to do. The other group believes you should trust in God’s protection, and there is no real need to take this new vaccine, especially since we do not know the long-term effects yet. I think this is a great place to interject “a two-sided faith.”

Think with me for a moment. What if both of these groups believed in placing their faith in God? Wait, they do. So, which is correct. They both are. I have to admit to you; this has been a struggle in my mind. Do I take the shot or not take it? What about when I have to walk into a cancer ward and visit a vulnerable patient? I certainly need it. What if I react to the vaccine? I certainly do not want it. How can I best show my faith to an unbelieving world?

Maybe, just maybe, both sides are correct. If I choose to take the vaccine, can I not believe God to protect me from adverse effects. (Insert your favorite conspiracy theory here.) If I choose not to take the vaccine, can I not believe God to protect me and those around me from the virus. We need to step back, breathe, and acknowledge that both sides of this issue can display profound faith in God.

“A two-sided faith” shows us that both sides can be correct, and both sides can be making their decision by faith. Most importantly, we cannot allow this or anything else to bring disunity to the body of Christ. We cannot allow the enemy to place upon us a reason for the unbelieving world to discredit us. We must show our faith in every action and not question those who come to a different conclusion than my own. It is simply “a two-sided faith.”

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